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California Hemp Law 2014

The was a response about Industrial Hemp Farming in California from California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. June 10th 2014

Below is the AG opinion on industrial hemp growth in CA.  Paragraph 3 has the relevant findings. 

 1. Federal law has authorized the California Industrial Hemp Act to the extent that it permits institutions of higher education and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to grow and cultivate industrial hemp, for the purposes of agricultural or academic research, in compliance with the federal definition of industrial hemp. These same entities may also conduct agricultural pilot programs to study the growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp, provided that such programs are conducted in a manner that (1) ensures that only institutions of higher education and the California Department of Food and Agriculture are used to grow or cultivate industrial hemp; (2) requires that sites used for growing or cultivating industrial hemp in California be certified by, and registered with, the California Department of Food and Agriculture; and (3) authorizes the California Department of Food and Agriculture to promulgate regulations to carry out the pilot program in accordance with the purposes of section 7606 of the federal Agricultural Act of 2014.

2. Federal law authorized, and rendered operative, the relevant portions of the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act on February 7, 2014.

3. Federal law imposes limitations that are inconsistent with the provisions of the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act in that: (1) it continues to prohibit the cultivation of industrial hemp for purposes other than agricultural or academic research; (2) it restricts those persons or entities who may cultivate industrial hemp for agricultural or academic research to the California Department of Food and Agriculture or an institution of higher education; (3) it prevents even these authorized entities from instituting an agricultural pilot program to study the growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp, unless the program is conducted in compliance with additional federal requirements set forth in section 7606(b)(1)(B) of the federal Agricultural Act of 2014; and (4) it prohibits, even for research purposes, the cultivation or possession of the parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L. that exceed a 0.3% concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In general, provisions of the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act are inoperative to the extent that they apply or pertain to any form of industrial hemp cultivation not authorized by federal law.



American Hemp Start Up Program 2012-2013

American Hemp Start Up Program  (AHSUP) 2013-14                                                         by Christopher J. Boucher

California Industrial Hemp SB 566 by Sen Mark Leno introduced March 2013.

Hemp is currently an active agricultural crop and commodity being sold in all 50 states of and all over the globe. Hemp is imported into USA from China and Canada and sold in every state from grocery stores to nutrition, hemp t-shirts, hemp textiles, hemp clothing companies and even hemp construction materials for home building and many more products.

AHSUP Agenda:

1.  Remove industrial hemp from being a drug. "Schedule 1” drug under the Controlled Substances Act, making it illegal to grow without a license from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  We are asking everyone to contact your local congres person and demand a Federal Administrative Rule Change for Industrial Hemp for fiber, paper, food, clothing,fuel, paints and 10,000 other product

2. Use the Presidential Executive order March 16th 2012 to grow hemp under the National Defense Act of 2012  PART VIII - GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 801. Definitions. "Food resources" also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, “but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.”

AHSUP Issues:

The Federal Governments belief is industrial hemp has lost its identity as an agricultural commodity or product.  This is false.

Conclusion: Identify current national and state hemp industry statistics and trends for 2011-2012. USA Sales over $500 million dollars 2011-2012. (SPIN study / Vote Hemp / Congressional Research Report 2012

a)      Forecast future hemp products potential retail sales in US and abroad.

b)     Identify benefit features for USA farmer’s ability to compete on an international, national and regional  industrial hemp market.

c)      Compare with other seed/nut crops in USA.

d)      Use prime USA historical data from the USDA.

Reason: Federal government does not recognize the identity of industrial hemp. A reclassification should be mandated through the Department of Justice.

The American Hemp Factory Start Up Plan Details: Hemp is considered the most strategic super crop ever grown for food, fiber and clothing; AHSUP outlines the key components and logistics for the revival of an Industrial hemp industry in the USA. (creates new jobs, and new industry in a ecological based busines medel).


Congress should immediately institute and fund a USA hemp program for American farmers through the USDA and the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). Remember that agriculture is essential to a strong economy. And hemp needs to be recognized as one of the most sustainable and economically viable crops, which can create core jobs from the farm to the factory.

The Federal Government must take an active part in legalizing, promoting and partial financing for industrial hemp in the USA. This can be accomplished through varies agencies like the USDA and other affiliate agriculture programs including The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), a Government-owned and operated entity that was created to stabilize, support, and protect farm income and farm commodity pricing, to maintain balanced and adequate supplies of agricultural commodities, and to aid in their orderly distribution.

 In this capacity, the CCC, or other government entity, could kick start the development, construction and operation of industrial hemp industry for the safety to process hemp seeds, hemp fiber, hemp fuel and animal feed. Hemp fiber mills, which can use in the automotive, plastics, construction materials, and clothing industries.

 In order to facilitate a large-scale domestic production of hemp seed and hemp fiber, US farmers must also compete with mainly Chinese and Canadian hemp farmers who supply 95% of the imported hemp products into the USA.

 According to the Natural Foods Industry Association, hemp seeds and hemp products are the fastest growing Natural food industry for 2009-2010 grew to over $100 million. The overall hemp market in 2010 was estimated to be $419 million. Hemp seeds are considered a super food for protein and essential fatty acid (EFA) intake. Hemp seed oil has the most perfect ratio of EFA’s for the human body a 2.5 to 1 ratio omega 6 to omega 3.  No other seed oil has this perfect ratio. 

 The American Hemp Start Up Program  (AHSUP) promotes the potential production of the following acreage/ facility production needed to establish a viable USA industry.

Initial Seed Production for USA

Initially 80,000 to 120,000 acres of seed production is needed to grow for production of food for accordingly to "National Defense Act of 2012 PART VIII - GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 801. Definitions."

Hemp needs to grown for fiber to supply automotive, construction, plastics and textile industries. Hemp seed will supply the health and cosmetics industries, nutritional products, bio fuel and other industries over a 12-36 month period. Strategic geographical locations would be essential for industrial hemp to be grown in suitable for premium climatic conditions with in USA.

Fiber Production                                                                                                                                5,000 acres of fiber hemp will be required for the construction, textile, automotive, paper and plastics industries to kick start.

Seed Mills                                                                                                                                        One medium sized seed mill can process approx. over 6,000 acres of hemp seed oil, hemp protein and seed products.  Based on average of acre/yielding 1200-1800 pounds of seed per acre

Fiber                                                                                                                       One large size hemp fiber mill can process up to 10,000 acres. It takes approx. 40,000 tons of raw hemp to operate a small hemp fiber mill for 1 year.

Jobs Created                                                                                                          According to the ASHUP program 30-50 hemp-processing mills will be need to be built around the country. This would generate up to 5000-12,000 jobs from farm to industry. Another 5000 jobs in related industries. An immediate total of 10,000-17,000 newly created jobs with in 12-36 months.

Current Harvesting Equipment /Production Facilities

Studies have shown hemp harvesting equipment and processing facilities in Canada, Europe and China haveshown a steady profit. They have been analyzed critically in 2011-2012. The most desired features of a successful seed and fiber processing factories are incorporated into the infrastructure of the AHSUP plan. Initially the core immediate plan is to set up in pilot mills in several states in the USA, including California, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, North Dakota, New Hampshire and to be revised accordingly.

Clear observations have also been made into soil conditions for hemp growing in certain suitable geographical locations.  We have diligently looked into methods of seeding, harvesting, retting and seed handling and most important the legalities of industrial hemp. Materials and publications will be made for use in educating and training politician, law enforcement, farmers, producers as well as plant operators who will be processing and monitoring industrial hemp.

 USA farmers potential farming contracts to perform this massive AHSUP program are as follows: California. - 25,830 acres, N Dakota. - 15,000 acres, Kentucky- 8900 acres New Hampshire- 4500 acres, New Mexico- 5000 acres, Oregon- 5000 acres, Colorado- 3,600 acres, These states have or are working state hemp legislation. These figures are based on climatic and former state farmers support and past hemp growing regions.

American Hemp Start Up Program (AHSUP) could be used as a negotiating agency to help acquire and distribute hemp seed and hemp fiber contracts to USA companies and manufactures. This program would help farmers find investment capitol to build and acquire production facilities on a national level. This will create a raw product for the farmers to sell locally, national and international.

We have consulted with large and small USA farm group’s farmers and agriculture engineers to advise and facilitate the building and success of this historical new eco-economy of hemp, while creating new jobs and enhancing the environment and the family farmer. This hemp economic plan AHSUP is designed to be a national revival of our countries most important agricultural crop for the last 200 years.

The Federal authority to enact this program is based upon: Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness 2012 PART VIII - GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 801. Definitions. (e) "Food resources (hemp)

About the Author: Christopher Boucher, founded Hempstead Co. One of the first hemp companies in USA in 1991. Mr. Boucher is recognized as a pioneer in the American hemp industry. During 1992 Boucher helped form and establish the HIA (Hemp Industries Association), which is now the leading Hemp Association in America today. In 1994, Boucher obtained legal permits to grow industrial hemp from the USDA Research Center in Brawley, CA as an experimental industrial hemp plot, which was documented by CNN’s Network Earth series. Boucher’s company, Hempstead became the most successful hemp company of the 1990’s. Importing and selling hemp fabric and merchandise to Converse Shoes, Walt Disney, Beatles Merchandise, Dave Mathews, Bob Marley, also selling merchandise to over 1000 stores,

By 1998, his company imported 40,000 pounds of hemp seed, 1000’s of gallons of hemp oil selling more hemp oil in the USA than any other company in USA in 50 years. Currently he imports hemp fabric hemp oil and industrial hemp products into USA.  In 2000 Boucher helped take industrial hemp to the Navajo Nation headquarters at Window Rock, AZ he successfully help pass an Industrial hemp law recognizing the need to grow hemp on the Navajo reservation. Chris Boucher is accredited with co-wroting the first introduction industrial hemp legislation act in California and the USA back in 1995. From 2002-2011 Boucher has worked/ lobbied on four California Industrial hemp legislation bills that have passed the Legislator and the Senate and moved on to be signed by the California Governor. All of them where vetoed by the Governors. Currently Christopher Boucher is working with US Hemp Oil Inc. He is also working to help pass California Hemp Bill ab566 in California 2013.







Hemp Fabrics Wholesale 2012

Hemp Fabrics for Home Furnishing and Upholstery 


Hemp Canvas Fabric 12ozHEMP CANVAS $16.90  NOW $14.90 per yd

Color: Natural

Description: Our 100% Hemp canvas is tightly woven and considered the best quality hemp fabric you can buy. Used for upholstery, bags, hats clothing, tepee or many other uses. This 100% hemp fabric comes in natural and black color. You can see the natural shimmer on the fabric when held to light. You can feel, touch and smell the natural hemp fibers in the weave. Very durable and fire resistant, insect and moth resistant, anti fungal and bacterial.

Width: 58"



HEMP LINEN  100% Hemp Linen Fabric 5oz   $13.50 on Sale $12.50 per yd

Color: Natural

Great all round pure 100% hemp linen fabric is tightly woven and perfect for home furnishings and clothing projects. This hemp linen will soften wonderfully yet has superior durability. This hemp fabric can be used for curtains, sheets, hemp shirt or even for furniture coverings.

Width 58 inches.

Weight: 5oz



Hemp T-Shirt Fabric

HEMP COTTON  JERSEY    $7.50 on Sale   $6.50 yd

 Color: Natural

Made with a 55% hemp 45% organic cotton blend 5 oz hemp jersey knit fabric. Perfect hemp fabric for making t-shirts or tops. Hemp fabric wicks your body moisture 400% more than cotton.  No dyes or bleaches used.

Weight: 5 oz.

Width: 58"

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                        Hemp Fleece Hempstead Fabric

HEMP FLEECE    $11.50 on Sale $10.50 per yd

Color: Natural

Hemp fleece 55% hemp 45% organic cotton is considered the best softest hemp fabric for baby hemp diapers, baby blankets and some hemp clothing. This hemp fabric comes in natural color. 55% hemp 45% cotton. We sell only in bulk hemp rolls.  25, 50 and 100 yard rolls. No dyes or bleaches used. You can feel, touch and smell the natural hemp fibers in the weave. Hemp is anti bacterial and anti fungal.

Width: 58"

Weight: 10oz



Hemp Silk  $13.95    Sale $11.90 per yd  Hemp Silk Fabric 4oz

Color: Natural

This blend of hemp and silk 60% Hemp 40% silk creates a lightweight fabric with durable properties and a silky surface. This material is great for apparel, curtains, window shades, and lamp shades. Many of our customers have used this fabric for wedding dresses. Best if made into apparel that is dry-cleaned only. Great for wedding dresses.
Warp x Weft:124 x 62, Density:20/22D x 37Nm, 

Width: 57"

Weight: 4.1 oz.

Color: Natural